Deep Peace Immersion

Deep Peace Immersion


Richard Shivallah 


Saturday 18th
@ The Hall


By learning how to anchor into the essence of our being and cultivate inner peace, we will be more effective in establishing a natural Peace treaty amongst our circle, be it our family, friends, work colleagues and anyone that surrounds us. Our soul naturally gravitates towards cognitive resonance, which in turn, nourishes Peace and Harmony.

In a Deep Peace Immersion event, there is literally nothing to do, nothing to change, nothing to improve, nothing to prove, nothing to know, nothing to understand. Yet through letting go, relaxing and surrendering to a deepening immersion in the unified energy-field of Presence, there will be a remembrance, a recognition and a graceful awakening of what the heart and soul longs for the most . . . the silence and sublimity of Deep Peace.



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