Intentional Laughter 

Intentional Laughter


Meredith Yardley


Saturday 18th
@ The Hall


Meredith Yardley is a Laughter Coach, sharing Intentional Laughter everywhere she can. What’s Intentional Laughter, and why do you need it? Can’t everyone just laugh on their own? Well, the fact is, they can’t. Or not in the way Meredith will show you. Intentional Laughter doesn’t use jokes or comedy, rather a series of laughter ‘exercises’, clapping and chanting, deep yogic breathing and engaging in play. Also called Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, Intentional Laughter is a fun way to go about the serious business of improving your physical, emotional and mental health. These health benefits include improving cardio strength & brain power, social connection, regulating blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety and helping build communication skills, confidence and emotional resilience. Intentional Laughter is the fun way to be serious about your health and wellbeing.



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