Lisa Lazuli


Saturday 18th
11.30am -12.30pm
@ The Flutterbucks Stage


Traversing the East Coast of Australia with her music, Lisa Lazuli’s sublime voice, sometimes fragile and ethereal, sometimes forceful and impassioned, is a little bit unusual some would say. A storyteller through music, her songs explore the complexities of love and heartache with aching melancholy or razor sharp bite transporting the listener with a captivating, emotive voice and beautifully sympathetic guitar style.’ Under girded by acoustic guitar and double bass, the songs it has been said are lyrically rich and melodically catchy. They explore the love and life and other stuff, often through the lens of nature which she is surrounded by on the beautiful coastal environment of the North Coast of NSW. She has performed at venues and festivals all over the East Coast of Australia including Woodford. She has supported artists like, The Finn Brothers, Christine Anu, Jeff Lang and the beautiful Katy Brooks from the UK. Stylistically her songs are influenced by folk, country, blues and jazz combining to make a musical signature which is undeniably and uniquely her own. She is promoting her second release ‘Calm and Tempest’.

Genre: Folk / Singer Songwriter