Mardi Wilson


Saturday 18th
@ The Marketta Stage


A raw and authentic one-woman show, Mardi Wilson (22) is a born and bread Brisbane girl, making waves in the industry with her unique indie folk style and soulful lyrics. After a successful tour of the East Coast of Australia, Mardi returned to her home state of QLD and is now splitting her time between Brisbane and the shores of New South Wales’ Northern coastline.

Mardi’s introduction to music officially began in 2007 when she started playing the drums, although she had enjoyed writing lyrics and poetry from an early age. In her later years of high school, Mardi began to learn the guitar which took her love for song writing to another level and allowed her to delve into the world of solo performance. Mardi now combines these skills, incorporating guitar, vocals and foot percussion into her performances.

An energetic and captivating solo performer, Mardi is constantly inspired by the people in her life and her natural surroundings to create music which continues to resonate with audiences wherever she travels and performs.

Genre: Folk, Singer / Songwriter