Medicinal Honey Forests

Medicinal Honey Forests


Jenna Ford (from Gatherby)


Saturday 18th
@ The Celestial Dew Lawn


The Medicinal Honey Forest speaks to a new way of doing agribusiness. It is a vehicle has multiple intentions woven together.  It ticks many of the boxes that lie at the bow waves of mindful changes in the way we humans work and live together, relate to other species and the earth we live on.  The heart of the earth beats more strongly when w e humans practice regenerative rather than extractive agriculture.  Human health and heart sing when our bodies are nourished and healed by pure raw foods ethically produced. The bees and beneficial insects have safe havens to live and buzz in within a Medicinal Honey Forest.  And on this journey we will make changes to existing the old industries and business practices that restrict us. Northern Rivers is the hot spot for potent manuka Australian honeys. Join me as I take you through how this venture is unfolding.

And PS: If you are a landholder, a Medicinal Honey Forest  could provide you with a way to build an agribusiness business that manuka honey production.