Sophia Fletcher 


Sunday 19th
@The Marketta Stage


Sophia Fletcher is a passionate, soulful musician whose music is inspired by Nature and comes straight from her heart, with thought-provoking lyrics reflecting her compassion and justice for animals, environment and humanity. Sophia takes the listener on a journey through the musical world of freedom and joy, balanced with sorrow and injustice. She is a heartfelt animal, environmental, conservation and political activist/advocate for over 3 decades. Sophia says she feels her spirit is free and harmoniously alive when playing music and finds it fulfilling to be an important voice to create awareness and empowerment. She would like that same freedom, recognition, love, respect and courage extended to all humanity. Sophia has sung and danced since a child, being greatly encouraged by her father. She is a singer/song writer, medical herbalist, naturopath and teacher. She has travelled and lived abroad for over a decade, as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, also singing in other languages; Greek and Spanish. Her love of music propelled her to pick up a guitar a few years ago, and she has never looked back. 

Genre: Singer Songwriter