Syntroptic Farming

Syntropic Farming


Victor Pires (from Gallabah Farm)


Saturday 18th
@ The Celestial Dew Lawn


Through much observation and practice, the Swiss-Brazilian Ernst Gotsch has developed a synergistic way of producing abundant crops, while regenerating the land and the human spirit, bringing dignity and economic benefits to thousands of families in Brazil and across the globe.
Syntropic farming is about working with nature’s laws and ethics, in a cooperative way, where plants, animals and humans are valued for their intrinsic capacities and relationships. Following principles of natural succession (time) and stratification (space), annual and perennial plants are managed harmoniously, and as the system evolves, it naturally renders itself free from external inputs and irrigation, while productivity, joy and freedom continue to increase.
In Australia, Syntropic Farming has only been introduced in August 2016, at Chillingham, NSW (Gabalah Farm), but it is quickly spreading to all states and climates with great potential both commercially and domestically.
Syntropic farming is about growing food in an economic, social and environmental regenerative way to allow people to move from slavery, to freedom and thus higher level of consciousness.