The Beamish Boys

The Beamish Boys


Sunday 19th – Sounds till Sundown
@ The Garden Stage


The Beamish Boys are two brothers from Toowoomba whose passion for music has taken them from jamming in their garage, to working with artists and labels from around the globe. Jeremy (19) and Ben (21) combine an authentic blend of two brothers harmonising with fresh songwriting ideas to hone in on their signature acoustic style.

In their first year pursuing music full-time, 2017 saw Ben and Jeremy take their music on a three-month tour of Spain and the US, performing their original songs to an ever-growing fanbase. Since arriving back, The Beamish Boys have been busy collaborating with international producers, attracting the attention of labels, Knight Vision, Chill Your Mind, Mr Revillz and Czech Vibes Sound to whom they have signed songs. Their most recent single has had over 500 000 online streams in just a month, with more releases scheduled for this year.

Most recently, they took their music to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, performing on the main stage to over 3000 people as well as several other gigs over the weekend. During the festival, they won the “2018 Young Artist of the Year” award. The brothers have also performed live on Channel 10’s Toasted TV and BalconyTV Sunshine Coast, currently ranked as #1 in the region on the BTV charts. As finalists of the Brisbane City Council’s 2018 QUBE Effect, they were awarded a professional music video as well as a high profile concert in the CBD.

“Young, passionate and driven, one thing is certain, The Beamish Boys are definitely ones to watch.”
– Highlife Magazine

Genre: Folk, Singer / Songwriter