Saturday 18 – Saturday Night Live
@ The Flutterbucks Stage


VanderAa have just come off a world tour, a stand out highlight in their careers. Headlining festivals in Italy, performing the Berlin Arena at the Berlin Travel Festival, performing at Burning Man in America and filming the documentary ‘The Meaning of Vanlife’. Guided from Australia to Burning Man, VanderAa helped facilitate a global drumming ceremony with the first nation people. Our camp ‘Red Lightning’ hosted 30 indigenous elders where we came together with over 500 drum circles from Peru to Nepal to Iceland to Mexico and over 1 million listeners online. The biggest drum prayer in history. Enter your mind, body and soul, feel what moves you, feel the rhythm lift you up. Your senses are vibrating and your hair stands on end, your heart beats faster to the driving beat of the drums as the music washes over you. 

Genre: Indie Roots