Yoyo Tuki


Saturday 18th – Twilight Sessions
@ Celestial Dew Stage


Rapa Nui is the birthplace and homeland of musician Yoyo Tuki, an acclaimed musical figure throughout Polynesia, Chile and Australia. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) lies 3700kms off the coast of Chile, and 4000kms southeast from Tahiti. The official language is Spanish as the island is part of Chile, though the Islanders also speak ‘Rapa Nui’ – a Polynesian dialect similar to Tahitian and New Zealand Maori.

Born into a culturally rich family, Yoyo developed a strong sense of identity. A deep respect for his land and traditions was nurtured by his upbringing, and in particular by the influence of his grandfather ‘Mana Roa’ (Great Wisdom). A highly respected elder, Mana Roa was regarded as a keeper of ancient wisdom, and was also one of the island’s greatest carvers. His cultural knowledge was legendary. As a child, Yoyo would listen to his grandfather’s stories, knowing that the day would come where he passed this wisdom to his own children. What he couldn’t have known then, was that his music would one day transmit a deep cultural message to thousands of his own people, and many more throughout the world. Read more… https://yoyotuki.com/about

Genre: Singer Songwriter
Website: https://www.yoyotuki.com/