Allie Godfrey


from North Byron Farmers Markets 



Saturday 1.30pm – 2.15pm

@ The Sustainability Village 

Presenting: The Importance of Small Scale Farming

Allie Godfrey took on the role of manager of the Mullumbimby and New Brighton Farmers Market in 2012. Drawing on her background in marketing, creative media and her keen interest in farming and permaculture she implemented a range of initiatives aimed at reactivating the markets and growing their capacity as a vibrant community gathering place. Seating was increased, a kids space introduced, extra entertainment added, and connections with local schools and community groups built through events such as the market’s now annual Grow Your Own Lunchbox Challenge. Working with her husband Ben, Allie has designed logos, merchandise and created engaging advertising which has been highly successful in increasing awareness and building the market’s following. Passionate about closing the gap between farmers and consumers, Allie has worked hard at reconnecting consumers with the people that grow their food and increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of small-scale local farming and food security