Anni M Fables



Saturday @ 11:30am-12:30pm

@ The Environmental Arts Lounge


Artist Bio

Inspired by beauty, grit and oddity, indie-folk artist Anni M Fables weaves her rich experience as a traveling songwriter, delivering compelling vocals and sultry viola melodies in tales of imagination and alchemy. Through live looping, Fables’ otherworldly compositions stir the influence of artists such as Salvador Dalí, Tim Burton, CocoRosie, The National, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Timber Timbre. Fables’ 2017 studio album Space (Luck) Sphere was described by BC Musician Magazine as a “transcendent offering…like experiencing your favourite book of short stories interpreted through music”. Since the release of Space (Luck) Sphere Tasmanian-born Fables has returned to Australian shores and is working on a live looping album.