Barbara The Illustrator





Bio and Statement

“Draw what you see.” Those four words have been my illustrating mantra since my early teen years. The arts & crafts teacher at our local youth club probably didn’t realise what she unleashed in me when she said that to me all those years ago. It still delights me that I can take a simple piece of white paper, add a few black dots with my pen, to create a 3D world based on shadow & light. I like the challenge of seeing what my black pen can do. Some of my most favourite images to illustrate are gardens, trees, animals, & the local scenery. I do it, firstly to see if I can successfully recreate what I see; and secondly to document the moment, for future people to see what it was like here now. Just like a sustainable environment, my work is all about balance. It is reflected in every single image that I illustrate, too much light or shadow, or not enough, and it just won’t work properly.

Barbara the Illustrator is mostly known for her finely detailed black & white dot illustrations around the Tweed area including Tyalgum village, Mt Warning, local homes, offices, & gardens, many of which feature in her book, “Tyalgum Illustrated- Series 1”.

Her tree series entitled ‘From the Ground Up’ , and a few of her native wildlife illustrations, will be featured at the O’Heart Festival 2019, The Heart’s Shout Art Lounge. She is also the creator of a new universal character, “KINDess- Single Eye of the Heart”. Barbara created her to consciously turn the challenges of a vindictive & menacing neighbour into a positive, by channelling her focus into a new creative expression that could help others in a similar situation. She has exhibited at the Science-Art Festivals, Caldera Art Gallery, Ukitopia, Tweed Border Prize, O’Heart Festival, and held her own solo show in Tyalgum.

She is available for commissions. You can find Barbara the Illustrator on Facebook, Youtube, & Instagram.