Bea Stars



Bio and Statement

My Heart’s desire in the process of art creation has always been to be able to make and share Art that can truly touch people at the Heart. To communicate the purity and light that exists in all things. My Art is simple, it is not political or philosophical, or emotional self portraits through other subjects. What I create comes about through my whole hearted contemplation of the subject, I stand aside & let the essence or spirit of what I’m drawing or painting to come through & to animate my work.

After completing several years of Fine Arts studies in Sydney 2002; majoring in Painting & Art Photography, life has taken many turns. I have spent large stretches of time not practicing any Fine Art at all. In that time however, I have found I have grown enormously, and it very much has had a positive impact on my relationship to creating, and to my Fine Arts practice today.

I love to work in most mediums; however I have been moved over the last few years to mainly work with my drawing skills; further exploring and working with graphite as a medium and returning to some fundamental and classical elements.

For the past thirteen years or more, I have been part of creating, managing an eco-lifestyle shop. The ethos that runs through the business are close to my heart: sustainability & our impact on our environment – this is definitely a passion and thread that has continued on into this current event and its theme ‘Water is Life’.  A natural synergy between both worlds are beginning to appear – as the little eco-shop now has now included a small studio space with work echoing the core ethos of the shop, a collection of my printed & original works and some non-toxic artist materials for others to purchase & create sustainable, creative practices at home.

Artist Statement about Environmental Art

Art is a language, it’s a voice. Just as an intelligent and articulate public speaker can move people to understand more about a particular subject, It is possible for True Art to awaken a feeling in the viewer on any subject right to the core of the heart. Through marks, colour, symbol, movement & sound. Art plays an important role in sharing and bringing a voice to things many people may already be feeling, or to beginning to explore.

It is evident that Environmental Art is appearing more and more as a subject for artists at this time in history – as the state of our environment (and everything that depends on it) has becomes a prominent consideration in our everyday lives.

Environmental Art;- for me it’s a love affair with the gift of all the life forms that appear – there dance together in an undeniable, interconnected sphere on our Earth. The beauty & fragility of all of it is what touches me…. I want of course to see all of this protected, to not be destroyed by the carelessness of mankind. As I feel it’s slipping away there is a great ache in my heart. All of this is on our watch, our environment needs all of humanity to care, to want to preserve and ‘protect that which is most vulnerable & to respect the great forces of nature’. If my Art can be a voice for the environment, for our animals and all its lifeforms land & sea & be able to move people, that would be most wonderful.