Celesta Phillips



Bio and Statement

Celesta is a local artist that has had many life experiences leading to the outcome of her current art. After experience in the fashion and beauty industry an unlearning process proceeded as her journey went into motherhood.

She finds inspiration in nature, human form and healing to draw on when creating art. Using mostly water colour as her chosen medium and exploration of other mediums. As a young mother, art has been a form of release and a tool of healing. Celesta channels many topics within the mind while creating her art. Connecting to Mother Nature and to her inner self has been one of the biggest influences while working with the Warrior Women series. Exploration of body diversity within the female form, addressing some issues of mainstream media body image issues, being a mother…. Healing through observation of lines, shape, colours, blurs, broken lines, disconnection of “perfection”. Honouring that real bodies are uneven, free of constraint in movement, folds, moles, veins…