Daniel Banfai (Shanti)


Sunday @ 11am

Out Door Activity Tent


Presenting: Qi Gong 

Qi gong consists of simple flowing movements similar to Tai Chi that are easy to practice. It is a powerful ancient Chinese technique that is well known to for its health and healing benefits. Qi gong is also deeply relaxing and helps cultivate self-awareness, awakening us more fully to the present moment here and now. And its fun to practice tooShanti will be sharing a Radiant Heart Qi Gong style taught to him by a zen master in San Francisco. All welcome. Suitable for all ages and abilities .Shanti’s website and Youtube channel are all about spiritual practice. They provide heaps of videos and information about all different kinds of spiritual practices to help you feel more peaceful and calm, and also feel more alive and connected to each moment. Shanti has a new book available to order on the website too! The Peaceful Place book is a simple guide to finding peace within yourself, and bringing a peaceful way of being into all aspects of your daily life. Shanti teaches meditation and qi gong at various locations throughout Australia.


Website: https://www.wideawakewithshanti.com