Danielle Davidson





Bio and Statement

Danielle Davidson is a Gold Coast based artist who works in a variety of mediums including; drawing, painting, embroidery and recycled materials. Danielle’s soul inspiration is the natural world. She creates art which embodies the beautiful gifts of nature to spark gratitude and connect people back to the true essence of life. Danielle loves to create art out of recycled materials such as plastic waste and tea tags to show people creative ways to recycle and to raise awareness of our personal environmental impact. She also loves to create mandala patterns in a meditative practice of drawing whatever flows and comes to mind at the moment in time. These designs symbolize aspects of nature and emotions. Danielle is a young self taught artist who is continuously experimenting with new mediums and ways to lessen her environmental impact through her art practice. Plastic Suffocation’ – Drawing The drawing highlights the oceans’ screams of suffocation from our disgusting plastic waste which creates a serious growing environmental issue. Voracious appetites and over-consumption of plastic goods are to blame for plastic debris which kills 100,000 marine mammals and millions of birds and fish every year. The drawing responds to underwater selfies flooding the internet. Presenting myself underwater, suffocating in a plastic bag, puts humans as a species in the position of the marine animal. We are affected by human emotion, so this role reversal heightens concern and forces us to question our own role in the waste death-trap.