Bio and Statement

I’m just a 20 year old practising life! After homeschooling and having an alternative upbringing, I’ve always been encouraged to nurture my range of interests. I’ve always been one to dabble here and there, primarily drawn to the arts. Because of this diversity in interests and ever changing passions, I’ve decided to incorporate this into a lifestyle. I now maintain a diversity in my work, creative projects and hobbies, some of which include writing, art, surfing, hosting a radio show, dance, yoga, travel (always more to come), surrounding myself with good people, good food and dancing around the kitchen! Self transformation is a huge part of my life and with it an increasing awareness of my environmental impact. All I can say is that both are hugely influenced and inspired by the people around me. 

As humans we are built for community and through community we will educate and change together… and the O’Heart Festival is simply that in action! ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT Water is something I’ve always been in love with. I remember being obsessed with it as a kid, spending entire summer days exploring local creeks, playing in the swimming pool or learning the many sides of the ocean. Now, more than ever it is something I am constantly drawn to, especially the ocean. Her chaos is something that inspires awe in me. Watching a storm rolling in from the ocean, watching metres of water crashing down on itself and rolling around the sea rocks, even the understanding of paddling out on a surfboard and knowing you’re not the biggest thing in the sea, I love it. It’s something so much bigger than you, than all of us. Attempting control here is utterly pointless. She is uncontrollable, a perfection of nature’s raw power. Then another day she is the mother. Dive under her metres of crystal blue then turn and see how sunlight is her perfect match. Streams of light. It’s a place where the world can be forgotten. Breath can be momentarily released and all of a sudden your own tiny body blends into that of an entire ocean. Talking to other’s about this, especially surfers, I’m understanding this is not a unique experience. It’s a nurturing that has changed so many lives. A peace that saves lives. You’re back in the womb, in that primordial state where your own body is being gently pushed by the swaying sea. Sometimes, you can hear your own heartbeat. You’re completely powerless and completely safe. The ocean; chaos and nurture, creativity and tranquillity, power and fluidity. It is the ultimate feminine of nature… Or at least that’s how I see it… and here’s an entirely new subject in itself; the ocean is a canvas for us to project onto. We see aspects of ourselves, aspects of human archetypes here. It’s a reflection of where we’re up to, of our fears and relation to emotion. So, that is what inspired my artwork. My love of water. It is the most vital substance on earth and deserves to be kept safe and sacred.