Jan Lobban




Bio and Statement

Jan Lobban plays with textiles and fabric when she is not immersed in art photography. She is happiest in working with fabric (and photographs) using a mixed media approach, combining in various ways – applique and collage, screenprinting and stenciling, pen and ink drawings with watercolour washes, paint, crayon, hand and machine sewing, indigo and other fabric dyeing methods, paper and written text. Jan frequently uses found fabrics from Op Shops or pieces given by friends. Around 12 years ago Jan read a Chinese saying about 1000 birds at our door symbolising freedom and happiness. This became her inspirational motivation even though she can no longer find the source for this! Maybe she made it up. Nevertheless she is forever grateful for the abundance of birds she sees and hears every day from her front veranda. And so, as well as loving and admiring them, she sews and draws and photographs birds. Importantly though, birds play a vital role in our environment in helping keep the balance of nature. They eat insects, help maintain sustainable population levels of their prey and predator species, and are important in plant reproduction through their role as pollinators or seed dispersers. And without birds, we wouldn’t have song!