Jenna Ford


from Gatherby



Sunday 12:15pm – 12:45pm 

@ The Sustainability Village 

Presenting: Medicinal Qualities Honey

On Sunday, Jenna will be presenting ’The Medicinal Qualities of Honey” Some of the questions she’ll be answering are: Why do bees make honey anyway and why local honeys are extra good for you? Is your local beekeeping industry sustainable and how best to support it? And more. Jenna will also be looking at the medicinal and healing properties of honey so you can make informed choices about the honeys you buy and how best to use them for yourself, your family and your animal friends. At her stall, Jenna will have honey from local beekeepers. There will be free tastings, just bring your own jar to fill and buy the local honey you like the taste of, or we have jars we can fill for you (it’s recycled glass of course!). Pick up a flyer on local beekeepers to find out more about them, how to contact them and where you can buy local honeys. Jenna Ford is the co founder of Gather By, an agribusiness that establishes Medicinal Honey Forests where honey bees forage safely to make delicious Australian Manuka honeys. Gather By sources, buys, packs and markets high quality manuka honeys. Jenna believes the best foods are those produced sustainably and locally and local honeys are important for maintaining health. Support the local beekeepers and honey bees!