Jennifer Haydon



Saturday @ 11:30-12:30pm

Upstairs Room @ The Hall

Presenting: Nourishing Meditative Connection to Magickal Seasonal Energies

Join Jen from The Wayward Path for a nourishing hour of Meditative connection to the Seasonal Energies as Winter gives way to Spring and the returning light of rebirth and growth.. A Meditation Teacher, committed Path Worker and Priestess through The Wayward Path, Jen offers classes and workshops tailoured to connection to the Energies of our beautiful Earth and Beyond. As a qualified Holistic Meditation Teacher and an experienced Spiritual Guide I am honoured to hold space for others as they follow their own journey to reclaim their personal power with authenticity and integrity. Using Sacred Breath, Chakra Alignment, Guided Visualisation and Magickal Connections to Elements and Energies my sessions offer a nourishing environment to practice self exploration and self care and are completed with Total Body Relaxation to ensure a peaceful, blissful finish to your journey.