Amelia Bachelor 


Bio and Statement

Within Amelia’s practice, she has an obsessive need to gather and document histories, anatomy, traces of life and in particular, the evidence of life lived in nature. The resulting accumulation of ‘stuff’ provides her endless opportunities for artistic speculation and shared appreciation. Her interests are in inspired expression, bazaar collections, patterns and textures of the earth which follows through in her paintings, sculptures and public arts projects.



Amelia’s work movie sets as a Key sculptor, has taught her many skills in all mediums; concrete, oil clay, water clay, polystyrene and plaster – creating conceptual maquettes / models to scale for visual and construction aid. Working with large scale sets, fabrications, structure challenges, teamwork, inventions and problem solving. Amelia’s professional and creative approach to all aspects of visual art and design is to execute her works with both integrity, flair and a high standards of professionalism.

ARTWORK TITLE: Absolute Rubblish – my ‘REEF-LECTION’ ARTIST STATEMENT – Coral reefs have been growing, supporting life and evolving for millions of years. Humans have participated, admired and are quickly destroying these same reefs in less than 100 yrs.- This sculpture piece s a jumbled re-creation of discarded plastics and trash fashioned into a section of coral reef with jellyfish, fish and a giant Manta-ray flying overhead. My ‘REEFlection’ of ordinary, recognisable everyday items arranged in a way using textures, shapes, light and colours, in the hope of creating an awareness of how we use and discard plastic on an everyday basis. In my work, I am trying to raise awareness about plastic waste, which often ends up in the oceans. It is a wonderful opportunity to give people space to reflect on their behavior and on their relationship to matter and material that they come across in their daily lives.

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. —– With this in mind, I ask local businesses, community, family, friends to help in the collection of materials that I can use in this sculpture. My display will be of the REEF-lection sculpture plus I will be demonstrating how I cut, weave, melt and manipulate the plastic objects and add to this growing reef garden. I invite the community to watch, participate by either helping me get creative or contribute to my plastic supplies.