Meredith Yardley



Saturday @ 11:00-12:00pm

Outdoor Activity Tent @ The Hall

Saturday @ 3:00-4:00pm

Outdoor Activity Tent @ The Hall

Presenting: Intentional Laughter 11am

Laughter Yoga is an aerobic activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Laughter gives your brain and body a boost, and can help you feel uplifted and joyous, de-stressed and connected to others. How does it work? Rather than using comedy or jokes, Laughter Yoga takes normal everyday events and wraps laughter around them, turning them into a laughter exercise. Laughter sessions work in sets of three: 1. A laughter exercise, which raises your heart rate 2. A simple clap and chant, which is grounding 3. A deep, yogic breath, which slows the heart rate. A laughter exercise is no more complicated than playing charades – such as laughing while pretending to make and drink a milkshake. Key to enjoying a Laughter session is bringing a sense of play, imagination and a willingness to have fun. Just think of your 6 year old self, that little kid who loved to jump in puddles and climb trees – that’s the part of you that you get to set free in Laughter Yoga. A typical session runs for about 45 minutes, then is wrapped up with a 10 minute Laughter Meditation. Don’t worry about being flexible or yoga-fit – there is no downward dog or turning yourself into a pretzel. Laughter Yoga can be enjoyed standing, or sitting in a chair, and is suitable for ages 5 – 105!

Presenting: Hacks to Happiness 3pm

HappinessWorx – Laughter is the true universal language, and sharing laughter gives us, as human beings, an immediate connection, transcending race, religion, social-economic status, age, gender, hierarchy and language. Did you know that laughter can be used to support physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? Did you know laughter can boost brain power, improve communication and confidence, help manage pain and bust stress? Stretch your comfort zone and learn how to ‘laugh for no reason’. LaughterWorx will introduce you to laughter yoga – but not yoga as you know it! No downward dog or turning into a pretzel, just loads of fun. Meredith Yardley (MA Comms, GradDip SocEc) is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer, author, medal-winning Toastmaster, actor, life-long student, wife, daughter, sister and superb auntie. Turning her back on her corporate change management and communication career, Meredith spends her time helping people and businesses get in touch with their happiness mojo by providing tailor made Happiness programs and events for businesses, non-profits, conferences, events, conventions, social and community groups to help people improve their physical, mental and emotional health.