Rose Watson


Bio and Statement

Rose Watson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Tweed/Byron region. Her art practice is the avenue to express a passion for nature, the arts and technology, by creating a unique sphere of works with drawing, painting, photography and digital media. The work takes a surrealist approach drawing the viewer beyond first impressions into a multi-dimensional landscape embedded with a sense of magical realism where natural worlds ripple and collide. Her current series ‘Remnants’ presents a kaleidoscopic window onto a natural world that is fast disappearing. …The greatest issue facing us today is deforestation, where habitat loss is causing an unprecedented extinction rate like no other time in our history. The removal of trees and entire forests is the main cause of climate change, yet governments ignore the problem and continue to give license to those who seek only to fill their wallets. With a strong environmental focus, Rose spends much of her time documenting and recreating the natural world in the hope it will inspire others to appreciate and value how beautiful and vulnerable our planet is.