Aloha and the Aholas


Saturday @ 1:00-2:00pm

Outdoor Activity Tent 

Presenting: Kirtan

“Lalita and the Alohas” blends the ancient practice of Kirtan to modern music. Instruments that are used include Ukuleles, an Electric Ukulele, Djembe Drum and Harmonicas. Kirtan is an Ancient form of Yoga Meditation that brings about inner peace and happiness. When we have inner peace then we can truely be happy. The audience is part of the performance. The lead vocalist will sing various mantras while the audience listens. Then it is the turn of the audience to respond to the singer. This provides a joyful, enlivening atmosphere where everyone is involved in the performance. People are encouraged to clap along and dance to the rhythm of the music. So come along and join us for this truly unique and wonderful experience of Kirtan by the “Lalita and the Alohas. Hope to see you all there.