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Shivallah is a Spiritual Teacher and Author of Deep Peace Beyond Suffering, born in Australia. In 1974, Melbourne/Australia, after a ‘near death experience’ (NDE) car accident at the age of 19 years, Shivallah became deeply involved in eastern mystic teachings, meditation, and the healing arts. In 1993, he relocated to New Zealand and opened a meditation-healing centre where he began Consciousness Awakening Teachings and Human Potential Education. During the year of ’93, Shivallah also presented his first public talk at a Health and Environmental Conference in N.Z. under the title of … THE POWER OF PRESENCE.

Since then, he has been facilitating events in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Malta, UK, Canada, USA, and Maui-Hawaii, offering ‘Deep Peace Immersion’ gatherings and meditations, Consciousness Awakening workshops and residential retreats. He remained on the island of Maui for 14yrs, immersed in the Polynesia culture, studying and teaching Sovereignty principles. Shivallah returned to Australia in 2014.


Returning to the Essence, Being in Presence, Bathing in Peace.

INITIATING A QUANTUM SHIFT from mind to awareness, returning to the essence, we enter the sacred. Peace arises effortlessly. Simply a matter of remembering, simply a matter of choosing to BE in peace, simply a matter of saying yes to being in Presence. In the Presence of Love, no doing is necessary; In the Presence of Love, Peace arises through Being.

THE WAY OF DEEP PEACE requires No philosophy, No religiosity, No metaphysical spirituality. Simply a heartfelt surrendering to the stillness and silence of being. The Way of Deep Peace offers an invitation to ‘BE’ in DEEP PEACE. Nothing to do, nothing to change, nothing to improve, nothing to prove, nothing to know, nothing to understand.

THROUGH LETTING GO, relaxing and surrendering to a deepening immersion into the core of one’s Essential Being, there will be a remembrance, a recognition and a graceful awakening of what the heart and soul longs for the most: The sublimity of DEEP PEACE BEYOND SUFFERING.


“Deep Peace Immersion with Shivallah felt like a rejuvenation for my meditation practice. He is a transmitter of Deep Peace with an Oceanic Presence.” Maya Voight

“Shivallah’s Being, skilful suggestions and stories that convey a pathway, help create a link to a more subtle layer, of presence.” Kristen Jan (Living Sangha Yoga)

“An instant sense of calm arises as you come into Shivallah’s presence. He is like a catalyst for you to get in touch with your inner peace.” Maria Teresa De Vivo 


‘The Zen of Awakening’

 AWAKENING IS A RITE-OF-PASSAGE, unique to every individual, yet there is a common denominator amongst all Human Beings. We are endeavouring to integrate and embody the delicate balance between our Divine Essence and Human Design.

THE THEME OF THIS WORKSHOP is about ‘Being in the Presence of our Inner Essence by Being in the Essence of Pure Presence’.

THERE IS AN ALCHEMICAL PROCESS of fine-tuning that brings us into resonance with the lightness of Being. When poised in the awareness of breath and listening, our consciousness is brought into a single-pointed state of absorption.

LEARNING HOW TO ANCHOR our awareness into the present moment during turbulent times of conflict, crisis or trauma, is an invaluable skill, and especially needed for inner strength.


“Shivallah creates a field of unconditional love in his workshops and evenings that helped me every time I participated, to immediately dive into the “realm of all there is”. Reality becomes clearer and I achieved the capability to encounter every situation in my daily life with the love and acceptance within.” – Ariya Lorenz (Hawaii)

“I received countless insights during the workshop, but what stood out most for me was the experience of being pure essence, in a deep state of love, of not needing to give or receive anything, not needing to be or appear a certain way, and of feeling a deep sense of completion and fulfillment.” – Deva (Maui-Hawaii)

“Shivallah’s profound presence and love travels deep into the soul essence of your being, enabling you to come to a place of complete stillness and contentment with what is, without mental filters that block us from experiencing true awareness.” – Liana Pearl (Australia)


Deep Peace Beyond Suffering

Saturday @ 2:30pm-4:30pm

Upstairs Room @ The Hall

Transformation Through Presence

Sunday @ 1:30-3:00pm

Upstairs Room @ The Hall