Sky Eater



Sunday 18th
11am -12pm

@ The Environmental Arts Lounge



Artist Bio

Sky Eater is the sonic story of two seasoned multi-instrumental musical warriors: sax-wielding Chelsea Skyeater, armed with dubbed-out honey vocals, powerful yet vulnerable lyrics and lush keys – and dub soldier TK Bassdread with his artillery of beastly bass, beats and vocals, and of course more live dubs. The two crossed paths for years as they toured internationally with other projects, but 2018 saw their paths cross again, and this time quickly become inseparable musical allies and bring you all that is Mermaid Trip-Hop Dub.

Often vocally described as a “modern day Sade” and compared to Morcheeba, Sky Eater take their audiences on a “mesmerising and elegant” (Nkechi – Roots n All) journey that is full of soul and jazz moments. They released their debut EP in January 2019, are due to release their next single “The Rain”, and have a full length album currently in the works. This powerhouse duo is a definite up and coming act that is not to be missed!