Sunami Designer


from Hermes Far Eastern Shining



Saturday @ 1:00-2:00pm

Upstairs Room @ The Hall

Presenting: The Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining

Come and experience the wonderful Energies of Hermes sacred artefacts! The Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining is about the transformation of ‘density’ and ‘karmic structures’ – it is a current of Heart Awakening that inspires the Remembrance of the Truth of us.This Alchymie is made accessible in the form of Energy artefacts. Each one holds a specific Alchymeic intention to dissolve the karmic patterns that would ordinarily lock us into limitations and repetitive cycles. As the structures of our habitual, karmic patterns of existence ‘loosen’ we can awaken to a ‘freer’, more creative response to life and each other. This presentation introduces the Alchymie in a way that allows you to feel and experience the energies first hand. Move beyond the mind and feel for yourself this Heart Awakening and Remembrance of the Truth of us.Sunami has been actively practising Alchymie for over 20 years. Throughout these years, she has travelled widely, facilitating workshops and one-on-one transformative sessions for hundreds of people in Australia, New Zealand, and all over the Far East. She is also a regular presenter for Hermes.