The Mantra Project



Sunday @ 1:00-2:00pm

Outdoor Activity Tent @ The Hall

Presenting: Kirtan

Kirtan is mantra meditation as song. The Sanskrit word man means mind, while tra means to free. Mantra meditation calms your mind of fear and anxiety, and opens your heart to reveal your spiritual nature of eternity and bliss. The process of kirtan involves singing sacred mantras to the accompaniment of musical instruments. Generally, the mantras are sung a repetitive call-and-response style, where the leader sings a mantra and the audience chants in response. Thus, kirtan includes the audience in the performance. Kirtan is a culture where people can share spiritual meditation in a joint spiritual experience. This practice of repetitive prayer is present in varied forms within most spiritual traditions in the world, although the yoga tradition of India generally gives more emphasis to it as a specific discipline. Often kirtan begins with all the participants sitting meditatively, but ends with joyous dancing as kirtan awakens the natural joy of the soul. Mantra is one of the most powers means of raising consciousness, when people meditate problems in the world decrease. Mantra awakens your compassion, peace and desire to serve others. If only 1% of the people on the planet chant every day we will reach a tipping point in changing consciousness. Together we will create a revolution, a revolution in consciousness! Join us for kirtan mantra meditation, feel the bliss and make a difference.