Thiago Barbosa 

from Syntropic Farms Australia



Saturday 9:45am – 10:45am 

@ The Sustainability Village 

Presenting: Syntropic Farming

Thiago Gimenez Barbosa is a Syntropic farming pioneer in Australia who is helping to spread the knowledge of this unique farming system and teaching farmers and backyard gardeners to apply the principles in different regions and climates around Australia and the world. Thiago grew up growing food with his great-grandparents in the countryside of Brazil. He fell in love with the principles of Syntropic Farming and over the last years has been visiting and studying with Ernst Götsch the creator of Syntropic farming and other teachers and farmers across Brazil to improve his knowledge and skills. He facilitates workshops and does consulting throughout different regions and climates in Australia and helps farmers transition from conventional to regenerative practices using Syntropic Farming principles.