Tony Boutros


from Lifestream Health



Sunday @ 10:00-11:00am

Upstairs Room @ The Hall


Presenting: How To Keep Your Frequency High

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR CELLS ARE ABSORBING NUTRITION? Most Australians are running on adrenaline and elevated stress hormones. Most Australians are running low on energy (ATP) and very low on frequency. Discover the secret of using “Original Ancient Remedies” to raise ATP, body frequency and lowering cortisol levels so you can experience optimum health. Tony has been researching and helping people with their health for over 30 yrs, he has worked and studied in many parts of The USA and has had clinics in many parts of Australia. Tony cares about the whole person and therefore helps you with the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional health. Tony loves to share the many years of knowledge he has aquires with you in the form of seminars and workshops, you can read his health articles on his website