Yoyo Tuki



Saturday 17th
8pm -9:30pm

@ Sustainability Village Main Stage


Artist Bio

“Yoyo Tuki, the voice of the island Rapa Nui”. “The voice, with music and lyrics from the most isolated island of the world”. Rapa Nui (Easter Island). ‘La Contradejaen’, Spain. Like his ancestors who carved megalithic stone giants, Yoyo is an artist with a powerful ability to fuse tradition with innovation. With over 15 years performing throughout high profile music festivals and events in Polynesia, South America, Australia, Taiwan, USA and Europe – Yoyo is today Rapa Nui’s most important and successful international artist. A world class singer-songwriter, musician and indisputable Rapa Nui music heavy weight. “His songs reclaim Rapa Nui culture, communion with nature and the respect for the ancestors of the place. An artist that is different, committed with the idea of promoting the culture of his ancestral people.”