Azrai spent most of her early years sequestered in the remote wilds of North Eastern NSW, Australia. Living off the land in deep bush she spent many fireside hours developing a song writing technique of such purity and clarity that listening to these songs is as refreshing as taking a drink of water from a wild mountain river. Her songs are born from wide open skies, untamed places and anarchistic frontiers, and are sung by Azrai in a rootsy voice that radiates with an unfettered playful joy. Her tone calls to mind Ricki Lee Jones and other such earthy roots Mummas. These bluesy folk songs are lovingly presented with accomplished musical support from the distinctively lyrical Stu Beaumont on guitar ( The Pragmatics, Rebecca Ireland, Ilona Harker ) and Jem Nichols on drums, ( The Meerdogs ). Azrai is a joy to hear, her songs are full of ear worms and are as catchy as all get out. Prepare to be singing along with the wild and free Azrai.