Dusty Boots

We truly cherish every chance we get to travel around our home country, Australia, and visit new places overseas. When we explore Australia we take our beloved van Rainbow and live the vanlife, it’s the best feeling to wake up in a forest or at the beach, next to the ocean or a stream and listen to the wildlife or take a swim. It’s very peaceful and our favourite way to travel. But our lives would not be complete without some of our other passions: surfing, skating, books, film, music and meeting new creative and inspirational people. All of which we want to share through this website, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo clips. So far we have spent 13 years together making memories. In that time we have both suffered heart ache, pain and loss. We have also experienced happiness, joy and a whole lot of love. In all of these moments, parts of ourselves have been shaped, forming who we are today.