Jackson James Smith

There is a certain appeal that comes with honest song writing. Iconic musicians
from previous generations created timeless songs with their honesty, creativity and emotionality. Jackson James Smith hopes to follow in their footsteps. After picking up a guitar at 13, the now 22 year old is creating his own brand of blues-influenced music with a desire to convey personal experiences and thoughts. His dual blend of creative lyricism and musical expertise is akin to modern performers like Matt Corby and John Mayer. Jackson’s songs relay his thoughts on life and the situations experienced during emotional extremes. By conveying the lowest lows and the highest highs, heartache and elation, Jackson creates instantly relatable songs for people to cherish and connect with. The multi-faceted instrumentation and earnestness of Jackson’s lyrics have caused a stir in audiences who have witnessed the intimate shows Jackson has played – only increasing his desire to reach out to listeners through song. “When you write something and even if it is a small group of people, if one of those people comes up to you and says they connect with that, I love that,” says Jackson.