Nuwanda Coleridge

Nuwanda Coleridge is a contemporary classical pianist and composer. His cinematic, elegant style has been compared to that of Phillip Glass and Michael Nyman, but his gift for improvisation brands him as a stand-out in his genre.  For the listening from the heart, Though adept at interpreting and reinventing the music of the great composers, it’s Nuwanda’s original compositions that have won him a devoted and enthusiastic audience. Soothing and warm, and lacking the clinical feel that often accompanies virtuosity, Nuwanda’s pieces are emotional and healing. As such, he has been commissioned to record compositions for spas, meditations, and health and wellness apps. His work has also been used in advertising across the globe. Nuwanda regularly hosts concerts, performs on the Festival circuit and has appeared most recently at the Tyalgum Festival of Classical Music and the O’Heart Festival. To date, Nuwanda has released two full-length albums: Falling in Love (August 2016) and The Bright Emergence (April 2017), as well as holding a  residency at a fine dining restaurant Flutterbies Cottage cafe and visiting many nursing homes as a humanitarian branch of his art. Nuwanda also enjoys composing consignments and has composed for clients around the globe.