“Your Perfect Space”


Kate Messenger


Saturday 18th
@ The Hall (inside) 


Approach life and dreams differently! In this fun and interactive workshop, Kate offers you some simple but powerful tools that will allow you to uncover the messages of your dreams and apply their wisdom and magic in your waking life. Learn to use your dreams consciously to solve problems, get answers, recognise and prepare for opportunities and challenges, improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, access creative inspiration and ideas, make the best and healthiest choices to live well, find and recover divided or lost parts of your self, improve your relationships, remember your greater story and purpose in life. Kate Llewellyn Messenger is a Dreamworker and Teacher of Active Dreaming, a Crystal Healer and Feng Shui consultant. Her mission and passion is to bring awareness of the power of dreaming back into our society, and to empower you with the tools and courage to navigate your way through any blind spots or road blocks to the life you are meant to be living.