There will be a variety of stalls in the theme of sustainability on the lawn of CELESTIAL DEW GUESTHOUSE on Saturday August 26th 9am – 3pm. Presentations will occur during this time by the companies and individuals listed below:

“Plastic Pollution Solutions” with Anthony Hill

Meet Anthony Hill from Plastic Pollution Solutions. Anthony grew up in Coffs Harbour, a keen surfer, sailor and traveler. It was while kayaking in the seemingly pristine fjords of Norway that he become engaged on the issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our environment. He now travels Australia in his blue camper van “Bev” and delivers a varied program of school & community events, activities and initiatives that aim to engage and empower our communities, through the younger generation, to address this growing issue of plastic pollution. This presentation is a meandering collection of stories, images, video and facts that aim to entertain, educate and engage the audience while guiding them in how they can be a part of the solution.

Saturday 11-12pm Celestial Dew Stage 

Panacea BOCAF


Panacea-BOCAF is an educational organization which operates as a not for profit entity.Panacea deals with the training, consultation, protection and research into suppressed FREE energy technology and sustainable development.Panacea also deals with the education on whole food/organic nutrition to prevent and treat disease. In addition – Alternative medicine which like our nutritional research remains suppressed in our education system due to a conflict of interest.

Saturday 12-1pm Celestial Dew Stage

“Making Miso at Home” with Tomoko Nishi


Learn how to make your own Miso at home!

Tomoko Nishi of Mystic Twig Farm in Mt Burrell will be showing ur how to make Miso from traditional Japanese organic koji.

Saturday 1-2pm – Celestial Dew Lawn

Gold Coast Beekeeping Association

The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Association is a collection of amateur bee enthusiasts operating all over NSW. A representative will be presenting how to keep bees at your home.

Saturday 1-2:30pm – Celestial Dew Lawn 

“Ethical Economics” with Jo Nameth 

Jo Nameth will be discussing ethical economics and sharing her journey of living a moneyless life in an attempt to reduce her environmental and social footprint. Closing her bank account, quitting her job and getting rid of a lot of her stuff at the end of 2014, Jo took money out of the equation hoping that, without it, she would find it easier to live a low impact life. Her one loose rule is to not use new resources. Jo tries to use waste, unwanted, second-hand, homemade/grown resources and the excess of the world around her to decrease the need for more. She is a big advocate of sharing and collaboration at a local level.

Saturday 2-2:30 – Celestial Dew Lawn

Tyalgum Energy Project

The Tyalgum Energy Project is about creating a sustainable future not only for the village of Tyalgum but also about educating the wider community on renewable energy and sustainability. They believe the change needs to start somewhere, we don’t have forever unless something changes. The concept we are currently working on will be holistic in the views and not only be looking into the future but also into creative and sustainable options for waste, water usage and produce. A major part of this project will be taking Tyalgum off the grid and powering the community from their own renewable energy sources. This project has been supported by the NSW Government as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy Program – visit Tyalgum Energy Project will be discussing all of this as presenters at O’Heart Fest this year. To learn more have a chat to the team at TEP at their stall next the Tyalgum General Store.