The tyalgum energy project is a community initiative… ignited by Andrew Price and the inspiration of many locals. It aims to take the whole village of Tyalgum and its surrounds off the grid. This will make it carbon neutral by using renewable energies only. the village will be a pilot, demonstrating sustainability and environenmental education. It will also be focusing on raising awareness for renewable energy projects, such as solar, hydro and thermal solar. The most important objective – is its environmental impact awareness… helping a growing consciousness at a community level to be a difference. Another object is lowering power costs and keeping them at a predictable level. Tyalgum is in favourable position because it is at the end of a national electricity grid. This is the perfect location to become energy independent. We also have local rivers for hydro power options.  

 In August 2015 the Transition Tyalgum: A plan for Energy Self Sufficiency report was developed for the Tyalgum Energy Project. This report outlined a plan for how Tyalgum can become carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient. Tyalgum Energy has now patnered with a team of experts to determine and assess these key project elements. They will wor in partnership with Tyalgum Energy to support the community of Tyalgum to become energy independent. 

Below – Tyalgum’s new mobile solar station!