O’Heart Festival 2017

O’Heart Festival 2017


Garrett Kato

Raku O’Gaia

Tim Stokes

Famous Will

Jack Biilman

Jesse Brand

The Heart Collectors

Hunter and Smoke


Bill Jacobi


Dusty Boots

Jackson James Smith

Nuwanda Coleridge

Juan Salvador

Leeli Music

Luke Bennett

Murray Kyle

Nick Cunningham

Pat Tierney

Phil and Tilly

Sam Buckingham

Silk n Oak

Sophia Fletcher

Garrett Kato

Raku O’Gaia

Sue Mckenna

Salt and Steel

Elani Mayana


Wall of Love


“Sound of Soul” with Michael Cormick

Michael has spent the past 40 years as a Leading Man entertaining audiences with his angelic, incredible voice both in Musical Theatre, Vocal Coaching & Sound of the Soul Workshops. As Beast in Beauty & The Beast, Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, & Rocky Horror just to mention a few, Michael has shared his gifts & touched the souls of many with his soulful voice. These amazing workshops have been designed to create exploration of the sound & vibration of each energy centre of your Soul. Through awareness & learning how the breath works you can: • Release emotional blocks, to create harmony & balance • Learn how to allow the sound to travel through you • Understand the breath & “its” power • Feel a connection with your Soul & “its” ability to heal from within These workshops ARE for everyone, no singing experience necessary, or even a good voice required, but a willingness to be open, have fun & let go !!!. Investment: the incredible offer of $50 pp. 1. Saturday August 26th – 11:00- 2:30 – Venue TBA 2. Saturday August 26th – 2:30-4:00 – Venue TBA Tickets: Eventbrite or Call: 0488713241

Barbara The Illustrator – “The Official Launch of KINDess: Single Eye of the Heart”

YOU are Officially Invited to the launch of Barbara’s new series, KINDess- Single Eye of the Heart on Saturday, 26 August at 10:30am. Tyalgum Hall, Tyalgum Village. FIRST EDITION Framed PRINTS (artist’s archive paper) of 37 original illustrations, photo cards, colouring-in calendar, and book. Plus some new b/w dot illustrations that have not been available previously. Saturday 26th – 10:30AM – Tyalgum Hall

Crystal Bowl Healing Workshop  with Carmel Glenane 

“Awaken Our Immortal Intelligent Heart”… We are excited to announce that renowned author, teacher and healer, Carmel Glenane from the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre will be joining us for the Festival. She will have a stall at the Tyalgum Hall on Saturday, and on Sunday morning will be presenting a very special Crystal Bowl healing workshop from 10am – 11am, where she will be attuning to the Group Heart and channeling a Meditation/ Activation to Awaken their Immortal Intelligent Heart’s, with a selection of Crystal Tones singing bowls selected specifically for Heart Activation. Sunday 27th – 10am-11am – Tyalgum Hall


Timeless Transcendence with Shivallah Dharma

TIMELESS TRANSCENDENCE – PRESENCE IMMERSION EVENT WITH SHIVALLAH DHARMA – Vibrational Energy Medicine: Soul Attuning and Healing, evoking deep resonant harmony for body, mind and heart through the alchemy of sound and silence. Enriched by the transcendental music of 432hz Harmonium and Voice, Wind Gongs, Tuning Pipes and Tamboura. Saturday 26th – 2pm-3pm – Tyalgum Hall    

Sonam Rigzin

Translator for the Gyuto Monks since 1994, Sonam brings a deep understanding of Australian life, a wicked sense of humour and a common sense approach to emotional issues that has helped countless people resolve seemingly tractable problems and situations, within the context of Buddhist philosophy and ideas. 1. Saturday August 26th – 11:30 – 12:30 am – “Rewriting Suffering” talk Outside the Hall 2. Saturday August 26th – 3:00 – 4:00 pm – “Solving the Problem” talk Outside the Hall 3. Sunday August 27th – 11am – 12:00  – “Survival Strategies” guided meditation inside the Hall

“Laughter Yoga” with Meredith Yardley

We all know that laughter is good for us – it makes us feel lighter and we live in the present for just that time. Laughter Yoga (LY) is an exercise style that uses laughter to provide aerobic benefits. It can be done standing or sitting, so people can participate regardless of their mobility. The ‘Yoga’ part of LY refers to the breathing that is done with the laughter exercises. The benefits of Laughter Yoga are for pretty much everyone, and I have listed them below. Just think ASPIRE. And after ASPIRE, you can read about how LY helps businesses become more profitable seniors overcome health issues and social isolation. A = Aerobic. LY is an aerobic exercise that has tremendous benefits for all-over health. It is particularly good for heart health, as the mild stretching, clapping and other movement that is incorporated with the breathing brings a comprehensive exercise that is really quite sneaky because you don’t realise you are getting the benefits while you’re having so much fun! S = Stress Management. LY is a terrific way to help manage stress, one of western society’s biggest threats to health. Science has proven that regular laughing for 10-15 minutes brings great health benefits including reduced blood pressure, greater blood oxygen levels, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. LY reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine and enhances positive emotions. P = Performance. LY helps oxygenate your blood, using yogic breathing techniques. Your brain needs about 25 percent more oxygen than your other organs. So increased oxygen in your body means increased oxygen in your brain. This helps improve efficiency and performance, helps enable creative and innovative thinking, and just keeps your brain humming along all day I = Immune System. Regular LY sessions can help you maintain good health by strengthening your immune system. By feeling stronger physically and emotionally, you are less likely to fall by ill with the regular cold or ‘flu doing the rounds. R = Emotional Resilience. LY helps people learn to lighten up when facing life’s challenges. It helps people become more emotionally resilient. When regularly practicing LY, you keep upbeat and optimistic, even when life throws a curved ball at you. E = Endorphins. Yes, those gorgeous little critters who scuttle around our system, helping us feel good and manage pain! When you laugh – even if the laughter is fake and/or for no reason, your brain will release endorphins which helps elevate your mood. Saturday 12:30pm – 1:00pm – Tyalgum Hall


Yoga with James Brinsmead

A one hour yoga class in the front room of the Tyalgum Hall. These classes will have a mixture of vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga, moving into various poses while using the breath to play and explore the different postures. James invites you to use the breath to anchor yourself in the present moment whilst enjoying the wonder of movement. This class is open to all abilities, simply be aware of the breath and see what you can do. Originally from Essex, England, James Bidmead set off on a transformational journey 7 years ago to find healing and well being. This quest led him to the art of meditation through movement which he now shares in the sincere hope that people find their own radiance and well being. James completed a 6 year Hatha yoga apprenticeship with Duncan Ewing, founder of the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne and a vinyasa flow teacher training with Creature Yoga in Byron Bay. You can find James assisting at Creature Yoga and teaching classes at Krishna Village Eco Retreat.

Saturday 1pm – 2pm – Inside Hall

Sunday 9am – 10am – Outside Hall 


“Plastic Pollution Solutions” with Anthony Hill

Meet Anthony Hill from Plastic Pollution Solutions. Anthony grew up in Coffs Harbour, a keen surfer, sailor and traveler. It was while kayaking in the seemingly pristine fjords of Norway that he become engaged on the issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our environment. He now travels Australia in his blue camper van “Bev” and delivers a varied program of school & community events, activities and initiatives that aim to engage and empower our communities, through the younger generation, to address this growing issue of plastic pollution. This presentation is a meandering collection of stories, images, video and facts that aim to entertain, educate and engage the audience while guiding them in how they can be a part of the solution.

Saturday 11-12pm Celestial Dew Stage 

Panacea BOCAF

Panacea-BOCAF is an educational organization which operates as a not for profit entity.Panacea deals with the training, consultation, protection and research into suppressed FREE energy technology and sustainable development.Panacea also deals with the education on whole food/organic nutrition to prevent and treat disease. In addition – Alternative medicine which like our nutritional research remains suppressed in our education system due to a conflict of interest. Saturday 12-1pm Celestial Dew Stage

“Making Miso at Home” with Tomoko Nishi

Learn how to make your own Miso at home! Tomoko Nishi of Mystic Twig Farm in Mt Burrell will be showing ur how to make Miso from traditional Japanese organic koji. Saturday 1-2pm – Celestial Dew Lawn

Gold Coast Beekeeping Association

The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Association is a collection of amateur bee enthusiasts operating all over NSW. A representative will be presenting how to keep bees at your home.

Saturday 1-2:30pm – Celestial Dew Lawn 

“Ethical Economics” with Jo Nameth 

Jo Nameth will be discussing ethical economics and sharing her journey of living a moneyless life in an attempt to reduce her environmental and social footprint. Closing her bank account, quitting her job and getting rid of a lot of her stuff at the end of 2014, Jo took money out of the equation hoping that, without it, she would find it easier to live a low impact life. Her one loose rule is to not use new resources. Jo tries to use waste, unwanted, second-hand, homemade/grown resources and the excess of the world around her to decrease the need for more. She is a big advocate of sharing and collaboration at a local level.

Saturday 2-2:30 – Celestial Dew Lawn

Tyalgum Energy Project

The Tyalgum Energy Project is about creating a sustainable future not only for the village of Tyalgum but also about educating the wider community on renewable energy and sustainability. They believe the change needs to start somewhere, we don’t have forever unless something changes. The concept we are currently working on will be holistic in the views and not only be looking into the future but also into creative and sustainable options for waste, water usage and produce. A major part of this project will be taking Tyalgum off the grid and powering the community from their own renewable energy sources. This project has been supported by the NSW Government as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy Program – visit www.environment.nsw.gov.au Tyalgum Energy Project will be discussing all of this as presenters at O’Heart Fest this year. To learn more have a chat to the team at TEP at their stall next the Tyalgum General Store.