Art at O’Heart 2019

This year our major exhibition theme in the Environmental Arts Lounge is ‘Water Is Life’. Two thirds of Tyalgum’s Old Buttery will be filled with Art inspired by local artists passion around waterways & oceans. The other third left to be the expression of our earth. I would say everyone would be noticing how on the edge our environment is in the way of protecting and keeping clean this precious resource. Weather due to encroaching water mining/ fracking, PLASTIC pollution, run-off into our waterways and more…
Over the O’Heart Festival weekend you will find in our gallery space many types of art! Including – sustainable sculpture, installations, multi-media works, paintings, watercolour, drawings, illustrating work, textile art, wearable art – painted clothing & Jewellery art, mosaics, and live body art (be sure to come Saturday to see the live body art).
Please take time to come and support the artists & purchase artworks in our Environmental lounge over the Festival Weekend. We have dedicated that 10% of sales will also be going into fund raising for the SeaBin Project!




Thank You’s

Big thanks tAndrew Price & Sarah Turner at Tyalgum Energy Project for opening up The Old Buttery for us all to enjoy as the environmental Arts Gallery this year. To Uki Residents Association for graciously lending us vital gallery infrastructure to be able to show our artists works. massive thanks for all the volunteers & creatives that have helped make the Environmental Arts Lounge happen this year, as a not-for-profit event we heavily rely on other passionate people who want to see an event like this happenparticularly big shout out to MealieArt for so much of her creative input and process of creation, from chalk art & signage to the construction of the beautiful Wishing Tree and for bringing her awesome art installation to be part of our under water exhibition space. Thanks to Celesta Philips & Wendy as part of the behind the scenes creatives with Mealie. Big Thanks to James Robinson for helping with Gallery construction work. Thanks to The Tip Shop – for a good deal on raw materials weve needed to create some of our arts projects.

Artists Involved

Amelia Batchelor

Amanda Lee Burns 

Bea Stars

Barbara The Illustrator

Caroline Wisler

Celesta Phillips

Claire Johnson

Danielle Davidson


James and Betty 

Jan Lobban

Jan Snowdon

Jane Higgins

Karla Kavanagh

Kirra Springs

Penny Westwick 

Veriest Ferrari

Rose Watson 

Cherie Noble