Daniel Banfai (Shanti)

“Qi Gong

Sunami Designer

“The Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining”

Shivallah Dharma

“Deep Peace Beyond Suffering” & “Transformation Through Presence”  

Tony Boutros 

“How to Keep Your Frequency High” 

Tara Zhinu

“Sophia’s White Rose Activation”

Juliana Clark


Meredith Yardley

“Intentional Laughter” 

Julie Sims

“Belly Dance – Kids and Adults” 

Zebunissa Anna Parker & Andrew Mignot

“Dance of Universal Peace

Jaqui Pick 

Nia Dance – Move to Heal” 

The Mantra Project 


Jennifer Haydon

Nourishing Meditative Connection to Magickal Seasonal Energies